First Contact


We present to you First Contact: the result of many fun evenings with friends, a structured yet flexible style of play and a challenge to create awesome and rewarding stories for our players. Let us imagine Diventi as a toolbox with simple and well-defined compartments, suitable for any eventuality, which do not need complicated instructions ot be implemented.

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Diventi Gameplay

game system

First Contact includes all the information necessary to craft characters and make progress in their adventures. The mechanics are suitable for both new and more experienced players.

Game Master handbook


A set of tools designed to facilitate the construction of your adventures. With Diventi the system adapts to your play style and not the other way around.

Suspended modernity


First Contact merges the concepts of magic and technology and provides an additional level of customization for the characters and a powerful tool in for the game master that can generate twists in their story.

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