The fortress of the tree moons: players' guide

Let's take a look at what this adventure holds for us right in the center of the First Contact.

The fortress of the three moons is the first piece of a project we call First Contact: a role-playing game set in today's planet Earth, where magic and technology merge together. Below we summirize the contents we included in the package, with the hope that they will trigger the right spark to plunge you headlong into the most beautiful hobby in the world.

The adventure

The fortress of the three moons can serve a story in its own right, but it has everything it takes to be integrated into existing campaigns. While the agents of Cusps are one step away from obtaining an inexhaustible source of energy, you will face Dama Electra and its meta-portals; or perhaps you will meet Xarieth, the heavenly fairy whose life hangs by a thread. All these antagonists will hide secrets to discover and situations to unravel. Starting from the atrium of the crystalline fortress, passages ruined by the fall will wriggle, but between the innermost rooms a treasure of inestimable value awaits: the celestial core.

Players' guide

The fortress of the three moons will be natively integrated with the First Contact mechanics, but any game system can be adapted without too much effort, since all events and situations are reported without mechanical constraints whatsoever. We have included a whole chapter dedicated to the players: their characters can integrate with the First Contact marrying the objectives of one of the factions in play: Survivors, NNUs or Cusps. Some ready-to-use characters complete the appendix but remember: no choice will be wrong. All the contents of this chapter are to be considered as simple starting points to ignite your imagination.

The tree rings of storytelling

The three rings are the narrative model that we have developed to generate endless adventures. We strongly respect all the styles of play and any preference of our game masters, for this reason the model abstracts from the merit of any adventure and provides a purely narrative structure that is articulated in a beginning, a development and a conclusion. We believe that a structure of this type, guided and enriched with appropriate details, is the basis of a quality adventure, that is pleasant, memorable and motivating for all our role players.

The fortress of the three moons is available from today on this site, but it is not over! Diventi forges are still hot and we will soon be back to you with new updates, new adventures and new projects. See you soon and happy gaming all!

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