The ESM sensors and the sonar had been silent for a full day and the new generation SSN Seawolf had passed between the Barbados and Trinidad de Tobago islands without being detected. They were traveling an unthinkable speed in a military submarine, on the other hand the hyperio was an inexhaustible source of revelations: it was enough to manage in the nuclear fusion chain of the new engine to revolutionize the instrument. The mission had not gone as planned, but a new horizon opened up in the great chaos of the last expedition. In the damned submarine the core of the fortress had been stowed and hidden, stolen from the bubble with enormous human losses, after subterfuges, betrayals and reversals of the situation. 

Will Taylor was inside the submarine, in handcuffs, accused of treason. He was one of the best pawns of the New United Nations so, "Why me?" He tought to himself.
"Because the military genius has never changed and will never change: there are no single moral choices." He concluded.

Will did not want that stupendous anomalous and frightening creature to be stolen, studied and dissected by the NNU scientific department, not after what he had seen, not after she saved his life during the deflagration of a missile barrage.

He had to free her.

The submarine was darting into the depths of the ocean, ready to carry the precious cargo to the flagship, when the ESM sensor made the crew jump on its feet: someone or something had intercepted them. "How is this possible?" Someone in the crew thought. The pursuit of "20 thousand leagues under the sea" had already begun and in the hold of the chased something, or someone, was awakening.


[Photo Kellepics]


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