Ambush at the pit

A multirole helicopter crashed in this area. Unfortunately, the area is already occupied by the vanguard of a rival group, which will not give way without a fair offer or a quick recapture.

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 Playing a micro-adventure

A micro adventure is fast paced content that helps the game master enrich larger adventures with interesting places, hidden treasures or additional situations. The micro adventure can be played and improvised as it is or it can be refined in advance depending on the style of the game master.
The characters have arrived to the pit: a strategic place where an important object of their research is currently hidden. Unfortunately the pit is already occupied by the vanguard of a rival group, which will not give way without a fair offer or a quick recapture.
Adventure aspects: strategic conquest, search for a hidden object.
Contents: 2 situations, 2 treasures, 1 complication.
Tone: modern fantasy, exploratory.


Hiding place: back of helicopter

Location aspects: helicopter crash, unstable electronic device, small storm generated from inside.
  • A multi-role helicopter crashed in this area. The crash damaged the engines and now the blades lie motionless and biased on one side. An intense gray smoke emerges from the broken windows to form a strange stormy cloud above the fuselage. Intermittent flashes and a cold drizzle season the air with a slight smell of diesel fuel.
Situation: player characters placed here can observe the surroundings and plan their movements without fear of being spotted. The aircraft is too damaged to take off and inside the cockpit a metal bracelet-like device continuously emits electric shocks and gray smoke puffs.
Treasure: if the device is removed from its compartment, the stormy cloud disappears and responds in the hands of the user like a tablet in slight tilt. The device can be activated and gives advantage to the next test, but after 1 use extinguishes its charge and turns off permanently. (Primo Contatto: a character can spend a secondary action to collect the device and absorb a charge of hyperio).

Guarded pit

Location aspects: luminescent hole on the lawn, creaking swing, bonfire lit with intermittent colors. 
  • A cool light comes out of an open hole in the middle of this old playground. A swing dangles creaking on one side while a crackling bonfire alternates blue and red flames as if it were burning strange pyrotechnic materials. A group of individuals are conversing in front of the bonfire, as if they were waiting for something or someone.
Situation: there is a strategic resource here, but a group of Protectors arrived early and have already surrounded the area. They are not necessarily bandits or opponents, but they too are willing to grab the resources that the pit hides. The number of Protectors is 1.5 times that of the characters and two of them can exert a particular influence on all the others. 
Complication: after some time, the Protectors' escort reaches the vanguard group stationed here, radically complicating negotiations or possible use of force. The game master can make this possibility known through a direct dialogue of Captain Carsten, or allowing the characters to eavesdrop on an ongoing conversation.
Treasure: if the characters manage to conquer the well they can recover some consumable objects left by the previous group plus a strategic object for their adventure. The game master can grant that the strategic object is an important upgrade, leaving the characters the choice between holding the object or delivering it to the original customer.
2x Camouflage powder
1x Enchanted charcoal bag (to replicate the enchanted bonfire)
Strategic object
Monocle of metavision
This lens can be mounted on the right eye through a gold and steel body that hooks up to the ear. When worn it allows you to view detailed information about an individual and can charm a target through a simple glance.  (Primo Contatto: il the monocle can be installed as a subsystem in an MTM).
  Captain Carsten
Captain Carsten is a man of duty. It is mostly pragmatic but in this period its most cynical and resigned side tends to express itself more times than normal. She considers Tori, the expert hunter in her group, an annoying thorn in the side.
If he has the time, he gives orders so that the comrades are on guard, but he does not react immediately with violence unless he is forced. After a few moments he realizes that he can exploit the situation to put Tori in danger and eventually get rid of her.
He orders Tori and the other members to form a line of defense, after which he tends to provide support from the rear. If cornered, he activates an explosive device to blow himself and anyone still near him.
 Huntress “Tori” Toriaska
Toriaska, nicknamed Tori, is a bloodhound and an expert in the area. She does not feel comfortable in hierarchies but loves the news and the unexpected. He respects the experience of his captain but recently had a bitter quarrel with him and currently does not miss a chance to friendly poke him. 
If she’s not forced to fight, she embraces the idea of a negotiation, if only to find out how it ends.
She defends herself by planting hunting traps in front of and behind the campfire. She can use incendiary arrows, enhanced with the magical bonfire on the field. The bonfire doubles the damage of the arrows or allows them to explode, damaging two characters at a time.

Customizing the adventure

The game master can customize the resources contained in the well depending on his campaign. In a context of Primo Contatto a small deposit of hyperio or an elemental flow may be found as treasures, while in other contexts the pit can hide magical, precious objects or simply relevant items for the ongoing adventure. The Protectors can also be replaced with the name of the characters' rival gang.

Logical map

Characters can move from one zone to the next by spending a turn. Movement within a zone, for example to get away from an obstacle or an opponent, costs an action. In parentheses are reported possible interactions.
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