We're playtesting Primo Contatto.

A role-playing game set in the present day, in which magic and technology merge together.

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Primo Contatto: End of summer update 2022
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Fortuitous escape Micro-adventure
A world between magic and technology

A mysterious celestial object hit South America, disabling any radio interface within miles. The world of Primo Contatto is divided into two: on the one hand there are those who lead a life like ours, on the other there are those who have awakened with incredible gifts, destined to change forever the flow of history.

A world between magic and technology
The game
Extraordinary adventures await you!

Choose which of you will play as game master (GM), all others will be players. An adventure is built by repeatedly playing the following steps:

  • The GM describes a fantastic location
  • The players identify with the characters and describe how they intend to act
  • The GM narrates the consequences
  • **With a few surprises from time to time
Extraordinary adventures await you!
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If your group is hungry for content, browse playtest material or subscribe to short campaigns. If instead what you are looking for is a quick inspiration, we offer you the micro adventures. Whatever you choose, one thing is certain: our game will adapt to you and not the other way around.

The choice is your own

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