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First Contact: author's notes—May 2020

Players characters, gameplay mechanics, story management systems and much more. Here are the results of this stage of development.


Hidden civilizations

The great Seawolf and the small Cuspid chaser remained stalled for several minutes, without anyone being able to activate their engines to resume the march.

Diventi is our vision of one of the best hobbies in the world. We strongly believe that role play can be experienced in an infinite number of ways and that each one is valid.

Accessible Roleplaying Game

We built Diventi with the hope of helping players express their imagination at their best. Diventi characters are easy to create and offer depth to those who seek it.

Guided Storytelling

We gave ample coverage to contents that help game masters to create original and consistent stories. All Diventi's chapters are modular: you will be able to choose those that are closest to your style.

Fantastic Applications

Diventi starts as a universal roleplaying game, but specialize in specific settings to better represent the fantasy around a certain theme. We call them applications: the union of dedicated mechanics, settings and hooks to facilitate the creation of fantastic adventures.

Featured adventure

The fortress of the three moons is not only a compelling adventure, but a framework that can be reused for the creation of endless other adventures.

The fortress of the three moons

Everything went on like every day, until a fortress that came from space hit South America. It was then that magic and technology became one.

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Ready-to-play adventure

The fortress of the three moons is an adventure suitable for any level, it can be used alone or inserted in an ongoing campaign.

Player's character guide

Everything the player needs to know about the setting is condensed into a few paragraphs on factions, guidelines and a brief history of the world.

The three rings of storytelling

The three rings of storytelling are a simple but structured model that helps the game master to build consistent and satisfying stories.

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