Diventi is our vision of one of the best hobbies in the world. We strongly believe that role play can be experienced in an infinite number of ways and that everyone is valid.

Universal Roleplaying Game

We built Diventi with the hope of helping players express their imagination at their best. Diventi's characters are easy to create and offer depth to those who seek it.

Guided Storytelling

We have dedicated ample space to tools that help the game master create original and consistent stories. All Diventi's contents are modular: the game master will be able to choose those that are closest to his style.

Fantastic Applications

Diventi starts as a universal roleplaying game, but specialize in specific settings to better represent the fantasy around a certain theme. We call them applications: a set of special cues and mechanics to facilitate the creation of fantastic adventures.

Diventi: First Contact

Diventi's first application, set in a planet Earth where magic and technology merge together.
game system

First Contact (playtest)

We present to you First Contact: the result of many fun evenings with friends, a structured yet flexible style of play and a challenge to create awesome and rewarding stories for our players.

Soon available

Diventi Game System

First Contact includes all the information necessary to build a character and to make him progress in his adventures. The mechanics are suitable for both new and more experienced players.

Game master guide

A set of tools designed to facilitate the construction of your adventures. Con Diventi is the system that adapts to your style and not the other way around.

Suspended modernity system

First Contact merges the concepts of magic and technology and provides both an additional level of customization for the characters, and a powerful tool in the hands of the game master to generate twists in his story.

Thre fortress of the three moons

Our kick-off adventure built on the foundations of Diventi: First Contact.

The fortress of the three moons (playtest)

A huge celestial object hit South America, decimating the population and disabling any radio interface. It will be known in history as the First Contact: the creation of the first magic bubble. In thi

Presto disponibile

Ready-to-play adventure

The fortress of the three moons is an adventure suitable for any level, it can be used alone or inserted in an ongoing campaign. But that's not all: the situations that make it up are easily broken down and can be used as stand-alone ideas for the game master.

Player's character guide

Everything the player needs to know about the setting is condensed into a few paragraphs on factions, guidelines and a brief history of the world. The guide is useful for creating characters that are consistent with the adventure theme.

The three rings of storytelling

The fortress of the three moons is not only a compelling adventure, but a framework that can be reused for the creation of endless other adventures. The three rings of storytelling are a simple but structured model that helps the game master to build consistent and satisfying stories

First Contact's lore: chapter 1

The first series of stories about the origins of Primo Contatto. What was the world like before the event?

Pre-Contact - part 1

"1, 2, 3…..1, 2, 3. The restart procedure seemed to be blocked." This story follows the legend of First Contact: the first custom-built application for Diventi RPG. Read the story.

by Jacopo , 3 months, 1 week ago


Pre-Contact - part 2

"At long last, the meeting took place right in front of a Doric column ruined by the weather." The magic of First Contact continues with its mysterious stories. Read the story.

by Jacopo , 3 months ago

First Contact's lore: chapter 2

A celestial object as big as a castle falls on Caracas, disabling any radio interface and more: technology seems to go off near the impact.

First Contact - part 1

“A stormy wind, a glare, an overwhelming shock wave.” The story of First Contact comes alive. Read the story.

by Flavio , 2 months, 3 weeks ago


First Contact - part 2

“The jeep finally arrived, followed by other military vehicles of various sizes, and it was the moment of truth.” Reality will never be the same, how will humanity deal with it? Read the story.

by Flavio , 2 months ago

First Contact's lore: chapter 3

Some kind of bubble has isolated almost a third of the planet. Where technology no longer works, another force makes its way among men: magic.

Post-contact - part 1

Sweat burned his eyes. The muscles were at the limit. The walls were close, yet not so close. Read the story.

by Davide , 1 month, 2 weeks ago


Post-contact - part 2

They had been chased for several hours by now. Juan was struggling as his breath left him no respite while Andres was scything like a centometrist, slowing down only to lift his brother to let him catch his breath. Read the story.

by Flavio , 1 month, 1 week ago


Post-contact - part 3

But it was not the end: the intact post-human arm lit up, he had integrated that bracelet which carried the NNU troops, and his eyes shone bright red. Read the story.

by Jacopo , 3 weeks, 3 days ago

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