Primo Contatto
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Primo Contatto

A modern-fantasy, rolling-release, role-playing game, set in a world like ours, where magic and technology merge together.

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Stories Short story: The profet's son

Jayden went out of his way to appear confident and bossy. The convoy that accompanied him helped a little, but now that he was inside he understood that nothing had changed...

Micro-adventures The stolen cargo

A precious cargo of the Protectors is stranded in the middle of the Amazon. Retrieving it would deal a severe blow to the gang and create an appetizing precedent for anyone who succeeds.

Be brave and roll the dice
Hi! This is Primo Contatto.

We present a role-playing game set in the present day, in which magic and technology merge together.

Our contents
What's a rolling-release, modern-fantasy rpg?

Modern-fantasy is the tone we chose for Primo Contatto: a system that offers an appearance of reality, but that hides supernatural forces of all kinds and sizes to the present day! In addition, rolling-release is the approach we have chosen to publish updates: reading contents from the website you will get the latest version of our games, without the need to download any separate revision.

A world between magic and technology

A mysterious celestial object has hit South America, disabling any radio interface on almost a third of the planet. The world of Primo Contatto is divided into two: on the one hand there are those who lead a life like ours, on the other there are those who have awakened with incredible gifts.

The game
Extraordinary adventures await you!

Choose which of you will play as game master (GM), all others will be players. An adventure is built by repeatedly playing the following steps:

  • The GM describes a fantastic location
  • The players identify with the characters and describe how they intend to act
  • The GM narrates the consequences
  • **With a few surprises from time to time

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