We're playtesting Primo Contatto.

A role-playing game set in the present day, in which magic and technology merge together.

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You are a group of friends and you want to role play. Good! Choose one person who will play as the game master (GM), everyone else will be players. The first will propose the stories and control the environment, the others will play a fictional character. An adventure is built by repeatedly cycling the following steps:

  • The GM describes a fantastic location by improvising or using other ideas
  • The players identify with the characters and describe how they intend to act
  • The GM listens to everyone, then decides and narrates the consequences
Create a brand new adventure
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Explore a world between magic and technology

The content we propose will put in the foreground the team game, it will respect the style of each player and will deliver refined tools to generate surprises, alternating situations of subtle magic and disruptive technology. We like to think about Primo Contatto as a pirate ship: similar to other flagships in the sector but with specifics that challenge the status quo.

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Explore a world between magic and technology
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We are working on a catalog of games that is varied and, ready to meet the different needs of game masters and players alike. If your group is hungry for content browse playtest material or subscribe to the short campaigns. If what you are looking for is a quick inspiration, free from particular game mechanics, we are happy to propose micro-adventures. Whatever your choice, one thing is certain: our game will adapt to you and not the other way around.

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