First Contact Playtest

We present our new role-playing game, set in the present day, in which magic and technology merge together.


Diventi is our vision of the best hobby in the world. We strongly believe that many styles of play exist and that each one of them is valid.

Roleplaying game for anyone who strives to tell their own stories
Ongoing playtest
Characters customization options
Contents optimized to work on the web
Modular components for game masters that seeks total freedom of play

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Notes from the authors: overview of First Contact systems

Players characters, gameplay mechanics, story management systems and much more. Here are the results of this stage of development.

First Contact

“A stormy wind, a glare, an overwhelming shock wave.” That day the media were full of it.


Featured: The fortress of the three moons

The fortress of the three moons is not only a compelling adventure, but a framework that can be reused for the creation of endless other adventures.

  • The three ring of storytelling
  • Quick player guide
  • Ideal to start with
Top details
5 adventure chapters
4 compelling nemesis
Native integration with Diventi

Il risveglio dei guardiani

Ideata per gli appassionati di avventure aperte, Il risveglio dei guardiani offre una storia non lineare, grazie a più archi narrativi che si intersecano e influenzano tra loro.

  • The three ring of storytelling
  • We jump into the distant past
  • Ideal to start with
Top details
Continuous adventure
The secrets of magic
Native integration with Diventi

What Diventi is

We present you Diventi: the result of many evenings with friends, a structured but flexible style of play and a challenge to create fantastic stories for our players. Let's imagine Diventi like a toolbox with simple and well-defined compartments, suitable for any eventuality, which do not require complicated instructions to implement.

What Diventi is

Adventure across suspended modernity

In this season we introduce First Contact: a world like ours, in which the border between technology and magic becomes increasingly blurred. Here you will find useful tools for character creation, guidelines for coordinating the game and a narrative model useful for creating infinite success stories.

Adventure across suspended modernity
Leading features
This is what distinguishes the Diventi style.
Modular contents

You will choose which tools are most useful at your table. With the fundamentals firm, the system is designed to remain stable in any case.

Pickup&play adventures

There are no stringent requirements such as levels or objects. The adventure adapts to your experience, not the other way around.

Automatic fixes

We don't release fixes as separate content, but we automatically integrate them for all players.

Dynamic gifts

Characters skills are frequently reconfigurable according to the needs of the game.

Class-less design

Characters are defined by the adventure they undertake, not by pre-built tables.

Strong customization options

Some elements such as MTM and relationships make your character unique and unrepeatable, even with the same gifts!

Narrativist situations

We help game masters build adventures with simple blocks, integrating a good mix of preparation and improvisation.

Surprise techniques

We offer game masters many - ever obligatory - tools to enrich their storytelling and game management style.

A platform for designers

Diventi doesn't stand between your imagination and the game you want to create. All the contents expose customizable points according to your imagination.

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