Attack on Serenity

  • Year 2020: a huge celestial crystal fell in South America, decimating the population and disabling any radio interface: it is Primo Contatto, the creation of the first bubble of magic. In these lands now devoid of technology the Protectors have invaded Serenity, a rare oasis of civilization and home for your community. Will you risk saving her for the Keeper’s favor, or will you run for your life?
  • Format: digital content
  • Last update date: Mar 30, 2024
  • Category: short campaign
Attack on Serenity
Key features
Initial adventure

This campaign is designed for characters who start from scratch their story. Resources at Serenity are scarce, but recent events will create many opportunities for growth for those who can grasp them!

Chaos gifts

Proximity to a friendly guardian will allow the characters to invoke gifts that normally are out of their reach, taking into account a certain risk though.

The Protectors are advancing

Defeating the invaders is certainly an option, but among the gang members will find individuals not exactly aligned with their commander’s orders. Can you exploit this weakness against them?

Our latest updates
Adventure preview: Attack on Serenity

In this article we summarize the key aspects of the story and here are some suggestions to better address the creation of the characters.

First post-release update of Primo Contatto

Christmas revision of our modern fantasy role-playing game. Includes new equipment and specific guidelines to help the game master distribute rewards.

Notes from the authors: overview of Primo Contatto systems

Players characters, gameplay mechanics, story management systems and much more. Here are the results of this stage of development.