Our philosophy

Diventi includes our idea of role-playing game: a playstyle that is free from excessive constraints of mechanics but that is not limited to being purely narrative. For us, the basis of a good RPG is centred on the involvement of the players, who have fun together as they role the protagonists of a shared adventure. In Diventi we give space and importance to the creativity of the players, who can develop their characters in all their psychology and physicality. The mechanics, in this context, represent on one side the tool to determine the outcome of the actions taken by the characters, allowing a streamlined, structured game; on the other side, the ad hoc designed mechanics provide inspiration and represent the opportunity to leave your everlasting mark in fantastic worlds.

Our intent is to provide game masters with simple and effective tools for building adventures and new ideas to stimulate their imagination, and to support the players with modular and flexible contents, thus allowing adventures to be managed in an agile and safe way and to be always unique and compelling for the players as well.

Diventi represents our effort at encouraging an extraordinary hobby that finds its root in the most ancient gift given to mankind: that of giving things their name and telling stories. We of Diventi are enthusiasts of sharing with you our project and really want to thank you for your precious support.

If interested or curious to learn more, do not hesitate and follow us on our website playdiventi.it. You will have the chance of getting access to new material and interacte directly with us through the blog. Let us know your opinion and together we will build a new fortress in the fantastic world of imagination!

Your adventure begin with us.
Be brave and roll the dice.