Our philosophy

Diventi is an idea: a style of play that embraces interesting yet light mechanics and a free narrative that does not yield to excess. The role-playing game for us must be the total involvement of the players, friends who meet to have fun together playing the protagonists of an adventure. Within our community we give great space to creativity at the table, that’s why we have invested and will continue to invest a lot of energy to refine practical narrative tools, which will help you to create flavourful descriptions of locations, characters and situations in the most diverse facets. The game rules in this context represent for us a structured way to determine the outcome of actions, thus enabling a game as streamlined, clear and smooth as possible.

Our intent is to provide game masters with simple and effective tools for building adventures and effective ideas to stimulate the imagination. All Diventi contents are modular: you will choose which components to use and which to leave out. In this way you will be able to manage each adventure in an agile and safe way and the experience that will follow will always be unique and exciting for players.

We authors are excited to share our project with you and thank you for your valuable support.

If you are curious and want to know more follow us on playdiventi.it.  You will have the opportunity to access new material and interact directly with us via forum, email or blog.

Your adventure starts with us.

Be brave and roll the dice.

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