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Primo Contatto: End of summer update 2022

More customization options for our characters and english translated content for our international community.

Short story: In the enemy's lair

«Impossible.» Alejandro thought «MTM are integral parts of us Celestial!»

Modena Play 2022: le nostre 4 giocate preferite e un pericolo scampato

Un’esperienza ludica con avventuriere giovanissime e piene di creatività.

2 min
Micro-adventures are now available!

New content for those who start a new story or want to enrich an existing one.

Autori Diventi
2 min
Behind the scenes: Micro-adventures

The best and fastest way to read the content we integrated in micro adventures.

3 min
Primo Contatto: winter update 2021

Introducing a list of powers in adventure mode and new tactical maneuvers to enrich combat.

5 min
Adventure preview: the fortress of the three moons

A Primo Contatto brief campaign, set in the very heart of the New World.

4 min
Ability checks and the cost of success

Our method for solving ability checks and adventure situations.

3 min