A review of our latest demo - September 2023

We have experienced the real world, with tables, dice and signs. We met many fans and played a good number of hours at the most beautiful hobby in the world: role-playing games.

Primo Contatto for us is more than a product, it is a living platform that involves eccentric and heroic characters, able to awaken magic and technology in a world almost like ours. With this article we want to thank all those who participated in GiocaPadova, GdR al Buio and Play Malo this year, whether you stopped for a chat, to ask a question driven by curiosity or to play an entire demo with us. Here are our favorite moments:

Attack on Serenity: a new short campaign

Going in full derogation from our typical modus operandi, we brought to these events our last short campaign, currently developing. The adventure is called Attack on Serenity and will see Survivors and Protectors engaged in a face-to-face neighborhood. It will be up to the characters to decide whether to flee the conflict or support either side. We’re talking about a waiver because we normally give ourselves several hours of playtest before revealing new content to the public. But after all, what better occasion than a live demo to test a content like this? The warm feedback was more than positive, so we feel charged and motivated to proceed!

Recycled tools: a new variant of Primo Contatto

We will be able to go into detail of all the news of Attack to Serenity, however at this time we can anticipate the introduction of a new type of tools: the recycled pieces. In the world of Primo Contatto it is not easy to find or even produce useful tools for self-defense and everyday life, however in the Survivors' warehouses there is a wide variety of tools, recovered from the various exploratory expeditions coordinated by the Prophet. But be careful: recycled pieces should be used with caution to avoid unpleasant side effects! 

We were very happy to meet some of you and to have had the opportunity to play Primo Contatto with many new people. Now let’s turn on the hyperio and get back to work, behind the scenes the circuits sizzle that is a wonder!

[Photo © Diventi]

Diventi Published on 25/09/2023

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