Adventure preview: the fortress of the three moons

A Primo Contatto brief campaign, set in the very heart of the New World.

This guide has been updated from the original published in September 2019.

"The Fortress of the Three Moons" is a varied adventure that offers playable situations both in a single session, and in a short campaign developed in varying degrees of challenge.  This article gives some useful tips to start playing and to inspire the creation of a new fantasy character.

Xarieth, la fata celeste

The main quest: find agent Cobalto

The player characters have entered the Celestials: a team of special agents in the influence of New United Nations, it was founded with the precise task of recovering the most strategic resource on the planet: the hyperium. Reports suggest that the hyperium formula is still in the hands of Agent Cobalt, whose last location was detected in an alien structure falling from the sky in the middle of Venezuela. As we explore this place, humanity will come into contact with creatures from other worlds, crystalline structures raining down from the sky, and an ancient spell that can forever disable the technology of our world.

4 truths about The Fortress of the Three Moons

Humanity has been literally split in two. Part of civilization continues its existence in our time, while almost a third of the world population is under the influence of an invisible bubble that deactivates any technological object. To integrate a player character we can make the following information known.

  1. Since the fortress fell on Caracas, no technology works anymore. Planes fall, energy sources no longer transmit anything and the Internet no longer reaches any area of South America.
  2. Without communications, not much is known about the fate of local populations. Satellites photograph large, now-extinct and empty cities.
  3. As technology waves out another force has resurfaced since forgotten times: magic.
  4. Several New United Nations expeditions have been sent to The Fortress of the Three Moons, but they have all failed tragically.

The forces at play

In the recent future of Primo Contatto, the concept of nationality has been overtaken. Global political forces have found a fragile balance and new organizations have been born to cope with the new reality in South America. At this time, the most influential organisations are:

New United Nations (NNU). International organization born in response to Primo Contatto. In its ranks there are soldiers, scientists and engineers, but also individuals who have developed affinities with supernatural powers. The NNU is the best equipped organization thanks to the generous subsidies of the first powers of the planet.

Cusps. They’re a network of secret societies. Among the Cusps are smugglers, ex-mercenaries and rebels who do not accept the new world order. Primo Contatto and the race to hyperium have given them the opportunity to overturn the political balances and reap enormous benefits from the traffic of energy and information.

Survivors. These small communities experienced Primo Contatto at first-hand and came out alive. Survivors welcome rescuers and volunteers to help rebuild civilization in South America. Among them, mystical characters are making their way, whose gifts transcend science and reality.

Sidereal fairies. Fairies are alien entities, spotted among the ravines of the crystalline fortress fallen from the sky. So far no one has been able to approach them, their existence is witnessed by drones and satellite scans. Their appearance coincides with the rediscovery of magic on planet Earth.

An adventure at the heart of a New World

With The Fortress of the Three Moons we will enter Primo Contatto, awaken magic and technology at the same time and discover ancient mysteries hidden by time. The player characters are so close to us that we will almost live an experience in first person. Let’s abandon ourselves to imagination and let us be carried away in this wonderful leisure!

Thanks for the support and happy gaming!

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Flavio Published on 06/12/2021

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