Adventure preview: Discoveries

A short campaign of Primo Contatto, a door to a New World filled by ancient magic about to awaken.

Discoveries is a playable campaign both in a single session and in a longer adventure ranging from 3 to 6 sessions.  In this article we summarize the key aspects of the story and here are some suggestions to better address the creation of the characters.


Adventure summary

Year 2020: a huge celestial crystal fell in South America, decimating the population and disabling any radio interface, it is Primo Contatto: the creation of the first bubble of magic. Serenity was born in this world, but today it is for many a safe place and an oasis of civilization in continuous growth. This growth must be sustained by a continuous flow of resources, but fortunately Red’s enlightened mind has identified a source of magic near an ancient monument to the west of Caracas. However, the Survivors are not alone in their quest, and the Protectors seem to have come to the same conclusion. In their last operation, the Protectors seized Dr Red and two other Survivors' agents near the same monument. Recovering them is the top priority, it depends on the future of Serenity and all those who have placed in it hopes and sacrifices.

The characters were sent to the monument to retrieve Dr Red and her escort. From there they can interact with some lieutenants of the Protectors and with even more ancient and dangerous forces. They will also have the opportunity to gain new allies, as well as reveal a clue as to the origin of Primo Contatto.

4 truths about Discoveries

The facts we report in this section are publicly known and can be revealed to players before starting the adventure.

  1. The New United Nations (NNU) has released in South America the Celestials: special agents able to increase their physical and cognitive functions, thanks to technological devices called MTM.
  2. The Celestials have not established fixed bases, but have integrated into local native communities. Their stated goal is to find a way to bring modern technology back to the country.
  3. A band of natives called "Protectors" have been scouring the territory for months, using magic to forcibly enlist members of other communities.
  4. It seems that no one can resist the Protectors, but recently they have gathered around Caracas, leaving only a light presence in the inner areas. Among the independent communities there is finally a different air, free from raids and looting.

The forces at play

In the recent future of Primo Contatto the concept of nationality has now been overcome. At this time, the most influential organisations were:

New United Nations (NNU). International organization born in response to Primo Contatto. In its ranks soldiers, scientists and engineers, but also individuals who have developed affinities with supernatural powers. The NNU is the best equipped organization thanks to the generous subsidies of the first powers of the planet.

Cusps. They are a network of secret societies. Among the Cusps are smugglers, ex-mercenaries and rebels who do not accept the new world order. Primo Contatto and the race to hyperio have given them the opportunity to overturn political balances and reap enormous benefits from the traffic of energy and information.

Survivors. These small communities experienced first-hand Primo Contatto and came out alive. Survivors welcome rescuers and volunteers to help rebuild civilization. Among them, mystical characters are making their way, whose gifts transcend science and reality.

Protectors. It is the dominant community within the bubble in South America. The Protectors integrate those who accept their expansionist aim and subjugate all others. They are convinced that Primo Contatto is the key to unlimited power and they have every intention of obtaining exclusive power.

Serenity: Survivors' base of operation

The Survivors are a young community, mostly made up of outcasts, lost people and fugitives. For pure spirit of self-preservation they have transformed a suburban school into a settlement, at the center of which an ancient stone has resurfaced. The characters can use Serenity as a base camp from which to start the adventure.

Narrative Serenity. The game master can describe Serenity with natural words, consolidating it as a refreshment point to organize, gather information and develop relationships. All adventures in "The Awakening of the Guardians" can be placed around this settlement.

Serenity and the lines of influence. As an optional system the game master can use Serenity to distribute rewards at the end of major events or adventures. At first each character will be assigned a minimal and rather humble dwelling. A dwelling can be subsequently developed by adding new spaces, each of which symbolizes an advancement in a particular area of expertise. Here are some examples:

Arcanum (totemic line)

  • Adds 1 life point for each tool you own. If you own at least one that is advanced or better it adds +1 additional life point.
  • +1 psychic predisposition

Dimensional gate (sidereal line)

  • A demon or a celestial fairy sacrifices for you when you drop below 0 PV. In this situation you are immediately regenerated to 3 PV. This effect can manifest 1 time for each rest.
  • +1 sidereal predisposition

Satellite point (technological line)

  • Converts your psychic flows into technological flow. This enhancement does not remove any previous increment of characteristics.
  • +1 technological predisposition

The guardian is awakening

Discoveries is designed to give the characters a way to explore a New World pervaded by magic and antiquity about to awaken. A careful inspection will allow the characters to reveal a clue about the origins of Primo Contatto, but even adventurers eager for action will find challenges up to their expectations. Whatever the path of the characters, Discoveries will give them bread for their teeth.

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Flavio Published on 31/03/2023

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