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Primo Contatto: our approach for a flexible game system

A mixture of two worlds: narrative style and mechanical play.

When we approach something new, we believe it is essential to know how to adjust our expectations. In the videogaming field, this means understanding if an unpublished game can involve us both immediately, after dozens of hours of leisure and if we want to share it with our friends.

With the publication of Primo Contatto we want to do much more than a communication exercise: we want to build an adaptive game, that does not raise walls in front of those who want to browse the best hobby in the world and that gives many growth cues to those who want to invest time and energy in our favorite fantasy alter egos.

With Primo Contatto you play in a seemingly sci-fi atmosphere, but with twists and traps that refer to scripts typical of medieval fantasy. We introduced MTM as a key object that allows our characters to travel between two dimensions, activating magic or technology depending on the resources available in the current situation. As a role-playing game Primo Contatto translates MTM into a deep system, rich of customizations and upgrades for more savvy players, but for game masters who love a leaner style we have introduced the narrativist MTM: a simple description free from numbers, to read and write down only once.

For us, all content blocks, mechanical or customization, will include both a fast and a more refined version. This is the approach we adopt: role-playing will adapt to you, not the other way around.

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Flavio Published on 25/09/2021

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