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Aiuto gli appassionati a vivere storie fantastiche.


Stories of a world where technology is no more, of ancient monuments resurfacing from the bowels of the earth and of mad men who fight for mere vanity.

The fortress of the three moons

Everything went on like every day, until a fortress that came from space hit South America. It was then that magic and technology became one.

Attack on Serenity

An adventure that puts at the forefront the threat of a new reality, in which magic re-emerges between people and technology remains in the background, dormant.

Primo Contatto

The result of many evenings with friends, a structured but flexible style of play and a challenge to create outstanding adventures on the border between magic and technology.

The abandoned station

A coded message was left seemingly unattended on the doorstep of a structure hidden in a strange pest vegetation.

Fortuitous escape

The characters find themselves prisoners of a larger and better equipped group of criminals. A fortuitous event will free them from the yoke of their oppressors.

The obelisk of teleportation

An ancient runic obelisk has emerged in the area. The constant pulsing of energy will attract fortune seekers and scavengers of all kinds.

Ambush at the pit

A multirole helicopter crashed in this area. Unfortunately, the area is already occupied by the vanguard of a rival group, which will not give way without a fair offer or a quick recapture.

The fire rift

A paramilitary plane crashed into this area, dumping its precious cargo at the mercy of fortune seekers. A strange portal opened right in the impact area.

The stolen cargo

A precious cargo of the Protectors is stranded in the middle of the Amazon. Retrieving it would deal a severe blow to the gang and create an appetizing precedent for anyone who succeeds.

The infested warehouse

The warehouse is an optional stage, but if conquered will yield the characters some useful items and a significant group of new allies.

The impregnable colossus

A giant came out of a primeval fire right in the middle of the square. No weapons appear to have any effect, while fire and heat risk setting the entire settlement on fire.

Mutants banned

On their way, the characters come across small groups of scattered people, intent on scraping together what they can to face the dangers of the rainforest.

The excavation of hyperio

The characters, prisoners of the rival gang, are forced to work in the pits, searching a well-known and very precious resource.

The emporium of trinkets

A strong smell of incense permeates the air of the small store. Junk and trinkets of all kinds cover the dusty shelves, attracting the attention of passers-by.

The falling fortress OPD

A huge celestial crystal is plummeting to earth speed on the planet’s surface. Two tactical explosions in the atmosphere are worth nine figures?

The violated sanctuary

The Protectors have invaded the Sanctuary and kidnapped the Prophet, the only hope of salvation for you and your people. Will you run the risk of saving him and run for your lives?

The lost crevasse OPD

Your seaplane crashed into the Amazon forest and a deep crevasse opened up at the impact site. How will we get out of this hole abandoned by civilization?