• Primo Contatto hit South America, a third of the world's population disappeared, and the technology suddenly stopped working. But you know, humanity is known for its ability to adapt ... in conflict. As humans spend precious resources in struggles for supremacy in the New World, ancient sorceries have awakened and will forever change the fate of the survivors.
  • Format: digital content
  • Last update date: Feb 25, 2024
  • Category: short campaign
Key features
The three ring of storytelling

A framework based on parts: beginning, development, conclusion. With this tool we aim to help game masters to optimize preparation times and improvisation techniques.

We jump into the distant past

We will explore the origin of an ancient curse, the legend of the guardians and recall past events that are more relevant than ever in our time.

Mid-range adventure

Ideal for characters with a small baggage of experiences, this campaign provides a simple main thread, with opportunities for expansion thanks to secondary plots.

Our latest updates
First post-release update of Primo Contatto

Christmas revision of our modern fantasy role-playing game. Includes new equipment and specific guidelines to help the game master distribute rewards.

Adventure preview: Discoveries

A short campaign of Primo Contatto, a door to a New World filled by ancient magic about to awaken.

Notes from the authors: overview of Primo Contatto systems

Players characters, gameplay mechanics, story management systems and much more. Here are the results of this stage of development.

Here's a roundown of what you can expect from Discoveries.
Continuous adventure

We combine multiple story lines to build a larger campaign. The world will respond to the crucial choices of the characters.

The secrets of magic

An anti-tech bubble has enveloped South America: clues and secrets lost over time delineate a blurred line between magic and reality.

Native integration with Diventi

Traps and treasures are compatible with any system, but they fit perfectly on First Contact.

Settlement development

The characters' base camp will flourish or decay depending on their choices and the outcome of their adventures.

Travel in space-time

Real flashbacks will make the characters taste the pre-Columbian era of the ancient Aztecs and the Spanish conquistadors.

12 playable situations

Interdependent adventure blocks, whose order can drastically change the flow of the story.