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async rpg
The dormant volcano

in a world like ours but not our world, you and a few companions have survived and now you have finally come to the end of the mission that could guarantee a future for your community.

short story
The profet's son

Jayden went out of his way to appear confident and bossy. The convoy that accompanied him helped a little, but now that he was inside he understood that nothing had changed...

Adventure preview: Attack on Serenity

In this article we summarize the key aspects of the story and here are some suggestions to better address the creation of the characters.

First post-release update of Primo Contatto

Christmas revision of our modern fantasy role-playing game. Includes new equipment and specific guidelines to help the game master distribute rewards.

Notes from the authors: The development of First Contact has begun

The first stage of playtest is over, here's what we have in store for the near future.

1 min
Our philosophy

Diventi, like d20, is a system-agnostic style of play that we believe it will inspire you as much a…

1 min
Welcome to Primo Contatto

Hi everyone! We are online and this is why we can't wait to show you Diventi.

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