short story

Dawn of a new era

Dave cursed, wielding his MTM on his wrist. In the last few days the signal was coming and going... strange for a technology that has been working for more than a decade now.

Dott. Nathaniel waited in the lobby of the Mycenaean museum, near Argo; ancient Greece had always been his fetish. The meeting would not have lasted more than 5 minutes but the risk was so high that the briefcase in his hands seemed almost on fire and his hands were sweating profusely.

The schemes of the fusion plant had been stolen with great difficulty, precious human resources had been lost and the New United Nations would have formalized the ignition of the new plant within a few months.

The new discovery could have changed the balance of the world. Timing was everything.

At long last, the meeting took place right in front of a Doric column ruined by the weather.

«Dear doctor, since that new element was inserted on the periodic table I no longer recognize you. You began to lose your annoying calm in every situation», said a woman with black bobbed hair and a sharp-faced face. His John Lennon sunglasses darkened the glare on his determined eyes.

«Dear girl, if you only knew a tenth of what I've come to know in the last few months you wouldn't be able to keep your beloved snake in your hands anymore!».

The doctor was almost impatient; he had the feeling that someone was watching them from afar. His MTM still gave no signal.

«Dr. Nathaniel - indeed, my dear Dave - you sometimes pretend to forget that the Cusps know much more than they show. The contents of your briefcase could give us a great strategic advantage and finally we will be able to get our hands where those poor lousy NNUs think they have their monopoly!». A pretty laugh rippled his thin lips. «I can't wait to see the faces of those pumped generals as soon as we bring down some governments».

The woman seemed excited; he took the briefcase from Dr. Nathaniel's hands almost forcefully and placed it next to his side.

Something seemed to crawl under his dark duster.

«Goodbye Tiara», the doctor hastened to say, «I hope you know how to make good use of it. Otherwise, hell will await you. As long as you haven't already bought an indulgence…».

The irony would not have left him even at the end of his life.

«Doctor, name my name in the open again and you will see with your own eyes the color of your brain. Goodbye».

As the woman walked away with a firm step, Dave felt his MTM vibrate on his wrist. The blue screen had lit up, showing biometric data on the left quadrant. The signal reported that no acoustic or visual device had been detected in the surrounding area. Perhaps they had not been intercepted. Maybe.

This story follows the legend of Primo Contatto: the series that narrate a world like ours, where magic and technology merge together. If you liked it, you can sign up on our website and deepen the reading of the role playing game.

See you soon with new stories!

[Photo © Nikolaj@zastavki.com]

Diventi Published on 09/06/2019

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