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Racconto breve: Nuove tecnologie

Tutto cominciò con un ordine, un unico ordine diretto e di poche sillabe.

Controllare magia e tecnologia: un'anteprima sulle MTM

Le Macchine di Tattica Militare sono oggetti speciali, ideali per personaggi e antagonisti che apprezzano avere un asso nella manica nei momenti più cruciali.

news The fortress of the tree moons: players' guide

Let's take a look at what this adventure holds for us right in the center of the First Contact.

stories Short story: The Oracle

What could possibly happen to a newborn if it was exposed from birth to the stone of the gods? What everyone today calls hyperio?

stories Escape into the ocean

They were traveling at unthinkable speeds for a military submarine, on the other hand hyperio was an inexhaustible source of revelations.

news The fortress of the three moons: adventure preview

In this issue we share important news about our upcoming playable content.

stories Short story: Post-contact

Sweat burned his eyes. The muscles were at the limit. The walls were close, yet not so close.

stories Short story: Origins

“A stormy wind, a glare, an overwhelming shock wave.” That day the media were full of it.