1, 2, 3…..1, 2, 3. The restart procedure seemed to be blocked. «Damn! Why doesn't it work?» Dave cursed, wielding his MTM on his wrist. In the last few days the sign… read article


Diventi at Modena Play 2019

Synopsis of the game Diventi is a self-produced role-playing game that realizes the passion of telling stories without the need to study long manuals. Diventi encourages storytelling of fict… read article


First Contact: what’s next

First contact is awesome. In recent months not only we had the opportunity to play it for dozens of hours, but we have also collected a so many valuable feedbacks that helped us to improve the advent… read article


Our philosophy

Diventi encloses our favourite game phylosophy: a style of play that stands between solid mechanics and pure storytelling. Good role playing games engage all players at the table and encourage&nbs… read article


Welcome to First Contact!

Here we are, finally online with our first landing page. The first mention to this article will be dedicated to our beta testers, cool people that helped us to flesh out what there is behind the scen… read article