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Short story: Hidden civilizations

The great Seawolf and the small Cuspid chaser remained stalled for several minutes, without anyone being able to activate their engines to resume the march.

Escape into the ocean

They were traveling at unthinkable speeds for a military submarine, on the other hand hyperio was a…

Autori Diventi
2 min
Short story: Post-contact

Sweat burned his eyes. The muscles were at the limit. The walls were close, yet not so close.

Autori Diventi
5 min
Short story: Origins

“A stormy wind, a glare, an overwhelming shock wave.” That day the media were full of it.

Autori Diventi
4 min
Short story: Dawn of a new era

"1, 2, 3…..1, 2, 3. The restart procedure seemed to be blocked."

Autori Diventi
3 min
Diventi at Modena Play 2019

This year Diventi RPG arrives at one of the best role-playing event of the year. Come and visit us…

1 min
Notes from the authors: The development of First Contact has begun

The first stage of playtest is over, here's what we have in store for the near future.

Autori Diventi
1 min