Micro-adventures are now available!

New content for those who start a new story or want to enrich an existing one.

Fast content for all fans

Diventi authors are happy to announce a new category of content: the micro-adventures.
Dedicated to aspiring game masters, micro-adventures offer insights organized into ready-to-use situations for your table. Each situation is always open to customizations based on the group's preferred system.

We have prepared an article with the detailed building-blocks of a micro-adventure, here it is:
Behind the scenes: Micro-adventures

The publications

The first content is available and open for consultation:

We will update this list as new editions become available.
The homepage of the site will always show the latest published content.

Cues for any fantasy or sci-fi game

Micro-adventures wil be released in a rotation of different types. If you have any advice or special requests, we remain open to discussion in the appropriate section of the forum.

That's all for today, good game and see you soon!

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Diventi Published on 28/01/2022

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under the hood Behind the scenes: Micro-adventures

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