The impregnable colossus

A giant came out of a primeval fire right in the middle of the square. No weapons appear to have any effect, while fire and heat risk setting the entire settlement on fire.

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 Playing a micro-adventure
A micro-adventure is a fast paced content that helps the game master enrich larger adventures with interesting places, hidden treasures or additional situations. A micro-adventure can be played or improvised just as it is, or it can be refined in advance depending on the style of the game master.
Story of a hyperiana prisoner in the excavation in the shadow of the great dam.
The Field of Scars stands on the now dried up lake Camatagua, close to the imposing dam and surrounded by mountains. The Protectors keep a police state: strict rules apply in the camp and the slightest transgression is punished with death. The characters, prisoners of the rival gang, are forced to work in the pits, searching a well-known and very precious resource.
Adventure aspects: huge creature immune to attack, square full of innocent people.
Contents: 2 situations, 1 antagonist, 0 complications, 1 treasure.
Tone: modern fantasy, heroic.


Passageway: improvised barricades

Location aspect: inverted bus, wooden palisade.
  • An overturned bus on one side and a hardened wooden palisade form a block in the middle of the road. Between the two blocks you can see a fairly large opening for a walk, while a burnt tire odor fills the surrounding air like an almost unbearable smoke.
Situation: a group of Survivor fighters will react to the arrival of the characters with a rather inaccurate fire discharge. However, the Survivors will soon notice the mistake and will do everything they can to get the help of the characters to defeat a bigger threat: a seemingly unstoppable fire giant (see next situation).

Burning square

Location aspects: huge creature of flames, improvised barricades, split runic totem.
  • A creature of at least 6 meters is walking inside the square, devastating the country with fire and heat. The air is full of smoke, while a stone totem lies in the center, broken and in precarious balance.
Situation: the giant resists any type of damage characters can inflict on them at their current level. After a first moment in which the characters can deduce this fact will meet Cone, the true body and soul of the creature. Cone is a lost boy who rules the power of the flame through his emotions. To remove the threat of the giant, the characters must calm Cone or put pressure on him to his limit.
A group of Survivors threatens Cone for robbing a sentry
If the characters defend it: no change
Otherwise: +1 stress 
Cono mostra una superficiale feria sul braccio
Cone shows a shallow wound on the arm
Otherwise: no consequence
A sentry tries to physically grab Cone
If the characters interpose themselves: -1 stress
Otherwise: +1 stress
Cone is injured
+1 stress
Cone is reassured
-1 stress
If Cone reaches 4 stress points it will unleash the giant against the Survivors, decimating their numbers and disappearing in a cloud of dust. If he calms down he will make the giant disappear in a small flame in his hands and agree to take shelter with the chef.
Treasure: Among the remains of the giant is a modest source of magic. If Cone has been handled up to 0 stress the sources are two. (Primo Contatto: the characters find 1-2 elemental streams of fire or life).
 Cone, eagle guard
He is an introverted kid, still unaccustomed to his guardian powers. He tends to treat others with mistrust.
At the moment Cone is fleeing from a group of civilians and will try to use the characters to gain protection.
If he is threatened he will activate the fire giant to defeat the attackers, eventually he is able to invoke a smoke bomb to disappear along with his creature.

Customizing the adventure

The Survivors represent a community traditionally allied with the characters and could be replaced with any other compatible with the game master adventure. In addition, if you want to opt for a different setting from the contemporary era, you can replace the bus with another equally cumbersome obstacle such as a large wagon, a giant carcass or a specially built barricade by its defenders.

Logical map

Characters can move from one zone to the next by spending a turn. Movement within a zone, for example to get away from an obstacle or an opponent, costs an action. Possible interactions are also shown in the boxes.

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