The infested warehouse

The warehouse is an optional stage, but if conquered will yield the characters some useful items and a significant group of new allies.

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 Playing a micro-adventure
A micro adventure is fast paced content that helps the game master enrich larger adventures with interesting places, hidden treasures or additional situations. The micro adventure can be played and improvised as it is or it can be refined in advance depending on the style of the game master.
The warehouse is an optional stage, but if conquered will yield the characters some useful items and a significant group of new allies.
Adventure aspects: allies subjugated by a spell, piles of useful tools.
Contents: 2 situations, 1 antagonist, 1 complication, 1 treasure.
Tone: modern fantasy, heroic.



Location aspects: abandoned amulet, creaking door.
  • A creaking door leaves access to the internal warehouse open. The walls of the structure are simple but robust and the only windows are located in the lower part of the roof, just under the last tiles. Near the entrance a sparkling amulet reflects the sunlight emitting a strange bluish reflection.
Situation: the amulet is broken, but a thorough investigation reveals that it was ripped and beaten with force by someone. If you do not want to use the main entrance you can use a ladder on the back and spy the inside from the small windows. A top entrance may surprise Naay (see next situation).
Complication: some of Naay’s ally protectors may be stationed nearby to protect the warehouse roof. Sniper protectors attack at a long distance with dart launchers, but never strike at the first shot.

Infested warehouse

Location aspects: giant tree, fragment of totem inside, continuous falling petals.
  • A huge poplar bursts from the ground to the ceiling of this warehouse. Its crown is wide and its branches dominate much of the space. The air is full of petals falling from its flowers, while the bust of a stone totem can be glimpsed in a wide slit of its trunk.
Situation: Naay, a cunning protector, is perched on a branch of the tree waiting for innocent passers-by. Around the trunk are various individuals under his control thanks to particular amulets of his invention. If the characters do not leave a tribute that satisfies them they will have to contend with a large group of workers possessed (slight threat, but they are numerous). The totem can be used to temporarily amplify abilities, but beware: Naay is also aware of this property (Primo Contatto: the totem automatically adds the Life flow to the gifts of anyone who touches it; only one character at a time can control the power of the totem).
Treasure. The warehouse has already been looted by other protectors, but inside the tree are a rough stone of the domain and a useful protective object (Primo Contatto: psychic flow of domain and light shield, respectively). In addition, if Naay is defeated and at least half of the workers survive, the characters can rely on a group of new allies. The freed workers know a secret of the area and will offer to help the characters in their next venture.

Naay, agent of the Protectors

She is an agent of an oppressive band of conquerors. She has no connection with her subjects, as they are magically controlled.
She initially uses her numerical advantage to extort property from the characters. If threatened, she deploys the group of her dominated workers.
At first she plays with her targets using only dominated workers, if someone joins her on the tree she responds by shooting poisoned darts (average threat, the poison lowers the maximum life points or the physical performance of the character hit for a long time - for example: 1 month).

Customizing the adventure

The Protectors represent the rival gang of characters, so you can replace them with an organization at will of the game master. Possibly, you can replace technological elements such as the drone with different types of objects if the desire is to direct the adventure towards a fantasy or low-fantasy atmosphere.

Logical map

Characters can move from one zone to the next by spending a turn. Movement within a zone, for example to get away from an obstacle or an opponent, costs an action. In parentheses are reported possible interactions.

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