The stolen cargo

A precious cargo of the Protectors is stranded in the middle of the Amazon. Retrieving it would deal a severe blow to the gang and create an appetizing precedent for anyone who succeeds.

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 Playing a micro-adventure

A micro adventure is fast paced content that helps the game master enrich larger adventures with interesting places, hidden treasures or additional situations. The micro adventure can be played and improvised as it is or it can be refined in advance depending on the style of the game master.
The characters were hired to retrieve a valuable cargo from the Protectors' clutches. The contents of the cargo are not clear, but the client is willing to reward handsomely anyone who brings back the transparent container, without too much damage.
Adventure aspects: various camouflaged characters, precious cargo to recover, hidden spy.
Contents: 3 situations, 1 antagonist, 2 treasures, 1 complication.
Tone: modern fantasy, heist.



Location aspects: Elevated position, disabled drone.
  • A small plateau allows to peer into the valley below, strangely tall grasses make it easy to hide and a subtle smell of roast iron pervades the air. On the ground, at a point where grass does not grow, lies an automatic drone without power.
Situation: from here you can see a convoy of Protectors stuck downstream, apparently an armored truck has mysteriously exploded and the cargo has spilled along various areas of the route. If the characters are equipped with hyperio they can activate the drone to patrol the territory and get the location of the Protectors’ guerrillas.
 Sonia, explorer of the Survivors
Sonia waits well camouflaged at the edge of the vegetation, on a low plateau covered with high grass. She is also an agent of the Cuspids and is responsible for the attack on the convoy, however she will keep this information to herself until the last.
Sonia will initially share the information in her possession, without specifying that she intercepted and destroyed the cargo. If the characters converse amicably, it will reveal that the cargo content is a map that reports a location rich in resources, as well as an important settlement of the Protectors.
Sonia can open synthetic wings and escape threats.

The field of crystals

Location aspects: abandoned scientific supplies, sentient crystals, floating light particles.
  • Some research materials opened up here and created a crystal field not far from the vehicle. Strange particles of antimatter float on the crystals and sometimes, colliding, create folkloric fireworks at low altitude.
Situation: the main cargo has spilled into several areas. In this one you will find additional resources for the characters, however the crystals will react to living beings, automatically defending the area. 
Trap: sentient crystals. Some vibrations seem to come from the closest crystals, the color of their surface changes suddenly, changing from crystal blue to glowing red. The characters will need to pass an ability check to avoid the hot rays generated by the crystals. If they talked to Sonia, they can take advantage. The crystals must recharge for a few minutes after firing.  
Treasure. At the center of the field are some metal containers, inside there is a cybernetic belt that can turn off or operate the crystals towards a nearby target. (Primo Contatto: here you can collect 1 unit of hyperio). In the belt there is a password to open the transparent box.

Primary load

Location aspects: cold hearth, tribal design on the ground.
  • A small brazier of blue light crackled between two metal carcasses exploded. Around it is gathered a small group of individuals in leather jackets. A strange snake-shaped design was drawn around the area.
Situation: the main cargo has spilled into two different areas. Here is part of the exploded vehicle and among the burnt remains you can recover the transparent casket. A group of guerrilla Protectors is waiting here to be reunited with a larger group. The drawn drawing is magically linked to the fire: if a stranger were to pass it the fire would change color, immediately alerting its tenants.
Complication.The Protectors have plenty of supplies, and it may be days before one of them leaves the perimeter. The biggest threat, however, is Sonia: if the characters open the box she would use the two strong qualities of camouflage to subtract the reward. Alternatively, Sonia will demand that she be given the box and in return will promise not to sell their position to the rival gang.
Treasure. A transparent box reveals a sheet of paper meticulously folded inside. The lock seems to be electronically locked.
 Sonia, resolver of the Cups
Sonia is an agent of the Cuspids, a secret society that aims to destabilize the world order.
When the characters recover the transparent chest she will try to appropriate the content by stealing it, offering an gift or imposing a blackmail.
In case of attack she will generate a clone. The two Sonias will act in unison: one will remain at a distance, the other will engage in hand-to-hand combat.

Customizing the adventure

The Protectors represent the rival gang of characters, so you can replace them with an organization at will of the game master. Possibly, you can replace technological elements such as the drone with different types of objects if the desire is to direct the adventure towards a fantasy or low-fantasy atmosphere.

Logical map

Characters can move from one zone to the next by spending a turn. Movement within a zone, for example to get away from an obstacle or an opponent, costs an action. In parentheses are reported possible interactions.

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