Here we collect game systems, adventures and campaigns set in the Diventi universe.
Micro-adventure The emporium of trinkets

A strong smell of incense permeates the air of the small store. Junk and trinkets of all kinds cover the dusty shelves, attracting the attention of passers-by.

Micro-adventure The excavation of hyperio

The characters, prisoners of the rival gang, are forced to work in the pits, searching a well-known and very precious resource.

Micro-adventure Mutants banned

On their way, the characters come across small groups of scattered people, intent on scraping together what they can to face the dangers of the rainforest.

Micro-adventure The impregnable colossus

A giant came out of a primeval fire right in the middle of the square. No weapons appear to have any effect, while fire and heat risk setting the entire settlement on fire.

Micro-adventure The infested warehouse

The warehouse is an optional stage, but if conquered will yield the characters some useful items and a significant group of new allies.

Micro-adventure The stolen cargo

A precious cargo of the Protectors is stranded in the middle of the Amazon. Retrieving it would deal a severe blow to the gang and create an appetizing precedent for anyone who succeeds.