This update follows the rolling release approach of Primo Contatto, so the revisions specified below are now available to all players and game masters enrolled in the Become community.

The presentation of this review can be found in the article on the blog → Aggiornamento post-lancio di Primo Contatto
New: Rewarding player characters
  • Introduced new adventure bands to better organize rewards for player characters
    • The adventures can be categorized in: initial, mid-range, veteran and elite
    • Each band draws various advancements, specific to each section of the character board such as flows, powers, tools, predispositions, MTM and relationships.
Changes to equipment
  • Added typical suffixes for the initial band: rudimentary, improvised and pocket (tech only)
  • Added typical suffixes for the adventurer band: simple, combined, modular (tech only)
  • Added typical suffixes for the veteran band: enchanted, perfected, heavy (tech only)
  • Added type suffixes for the elite: enhanced, infallible, neural (tech only)
Changes to powers
  • Introduced the laboratory of transmutation: a new mechanics that allows the characters to acquire new powers by spending flows.
    • To get 1 power the character can give up 2 flows
    • Integration of transmutation laboratories as specific locations is possible and encouraged. This is why scopo sono previste linee guida dedicate per il game master
    • Authors' comment: The lab is designed to give players more control over the growth of their characters, especially in the early stages of the adventure.
  • Modified adventure effect recharge mode: now it is possibile to recharge this effect after a rest action (previously each power had different conditions)
Changes in origins
  • Forester: the advanced feature property now adds a bonus of +1 during character creation and no further +1 for each additional point to the favorite feature
    • Author’s comment: this adjustment aims to lower the effectiveness of foreigners in ability checks, while reserving them an identity of "handyman" due to higher characteristics than other origins in the early stages of the game.
Changes to tone and technology management
  • Option with rare hyperio
    • Marked as a standard option
    • Introduced guidelines for mechanics to be activated, benefits and profiles typical for this option.
  • Option with abundant hyperio
    • Marked as an advanced option
    • Introduced additional guidelines on timing related to mechanics.
  • Option with narrative hyperio
    • Marked as option for a lighter game
    • Added prize possibility for players who play a particularly effective role
Other general changes
  • Summarised several paragraphs related to gifts
  • Fixed some problems related to english translations