The obelisk of teleportation

An ancient runic obelisk has emerged in the area. The constant pulsing of energy will attract fortune seekers and scavengers of all kinds.

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 Playing a micro-adventure

A micro adventure is fast paced content that helps the game master enrich larger adventures with interesting places, hidden treasures or additional situations. The micro adventure can be played and improvised as it is or it can be refined in advance depending on the style of the game master.
An ancient runic obelisk has emerged in this area. His strange energy has attracted a stone guard named Scarl, along with his gang. Secrets buried by time await those who will be able to decipher its functioning.
Adventure aspects: mysterious ancient obelisk, band of scavengers at work, strange pulsating totems.
Contents: 2 situations, 1 antagonist, 1 treasure, 1 complication.
Tone: fantasy, exploratory.


Passage: abandoned excavations

Location aspects: partially unearthed monuments, tire tracks, geysers and braziers always lit.
  • Various traces of excavation remain visible in this hole in the ground. Some stone totems partially emerge. Some are straight, others tilted or bent, while still others depict sacred animal heads. For some reason this excavation was abandoned by its workers.
Situation: the excavations are mostly abandoned areas but they can hide secrets. This step can be used to link this adventure to the game master setting.

Transport obelisk

Location aspects: obelisk strewn with runes, various bolts on metal plates, partial excavation.
  • This excavation seems to hide part of an ancient structure that is still buried. A tall obelisk adorned with runes towers above the others, while various metal bolts are secured to the ground by metal plates and large screws. A reddish halo permeates midair like an unnatural fog.
Situation: the pulse of this obelisk has attracted a stone guard named Scarl and his band of scavengers. His escort is made up of a squad of (4) guerillas and some (3) captive workers equipped with excavation picks. If they get the chance, the workers will engage in a fight, and then escape to safer surroundings. Scarl is pretty confident, but he might try to convert the characters to his cause.
Passage: transport stone. Anyone who is synchronized with the obelisk can make use of the transport. This step allows access to the next situation foreseen by the game master.
Treasure: the transport stone can be taken out and consumed. By doing so, the characters get a medium reward but the passage will be permanently closed.
Complication: the obelisk adds a shield of thorns to anyone connected to it that inflicts light damage on attackers. This effect is currently controlled by Scarl, but can be recaptured via a medium difficulty interaction check.

  Scarl the stone guard

Scarl may be the member of an antagonistic gang that the game master has already introduced in their adventures. Alternatively he can be a relevant enchman who can initiate the characters to a brand new organization.
He is willing to reveal his boss's plans in exchange for the characters' support. He also accept payments in exchange for a pass through the transport stone.
He uses movement to stay at range, then fires projectiles with his enchanted staff. He also makes full use of the cover of his men and he leverages the powers of the obelisk if he has control over it.

 Captive worker

Workers can be members of a community that the characters are familiar with. They can prove to be valuable allies.
They obeys reluctantly and if the chance arises they try to rivales upon their tormentors.
They lashes with the pickaxe and then run away to escape to the nearest shelter.

Logical map

Characters can move from one zone to one that is adjacent by spending one turn. Movement within an area, for example to get away from an obstacle or an opponent, costs an action. Possible interactions are shown in brackets.

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