The abandoned station

A coded message was left seemingly unattended on the doorstep of a structure hidden in a strange pest vegetation.

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 Playing a micro-adventure
A micro adventure is fast paced content that helps the game master enrich larger adventures with interesting places, hidden treasures or additional situations. The micro adventure can be played and improvised as it is or it can be refined in advance depending on the style of the game master.
A coded message was left seemingly unattended on the doorstep of a structure hidden in a strange pest vegetation. Only by experimenting with their skills can the characters reveal the hidden message and discover the location of their most feared antagonists.
Adventure aspects: hidden refuge in the forest, persistent hearth.
Contents: 2 situations, 0 antagonists, 1 engagement.
Tone: modern fantasy, curious.


Passage: infested road

Location aspects: plant-infested road, typical silence of a deep forest. 
  • This regional road used to be a busy long-distance ring road. Today blocks of rainforest occupy the edges of the roadway, while small plants seem to make their way between the older points of the asphalt. On the side there is a former gas station, split in the center by a preponderant tree trunk.
Situation: the vegetation has invaded much of the road, until swallowing it completely near the gas station. Looking among the shrubs you can discover covered cars and other means, but no metal is rusted by time. This step can be used to link this adventure to the game master setting.

Stazione di servizio

Location aspects: big intrusive trunk, crackling fire, pile of cloth piled.
  • A large, centuries-old tree broke through the right wall of a low-rise building without a roof, sparing a lopsided sign that continuously turns on and off, outlining the word "bar" between a frame of burnt lights. At the front, in a cracked concrete clearing, a warm fire crackles in solitude, illuminating a pile of cloths stacked neatly on one side. 
Situation: a rapid reconnaissance can reveal that the bar has been breached by the intrusive trunk and plundered from top to bottom in all its departments. However, the outer bedroll shows that someone left the camp only recently. The game master can use this space to make the characters experiment with their peculiar abilities, without excessive tension or imminent dangers.
Engagement: resting on the victuals is a wooden tablet nailed to a sheet of paper notes. The sheet is partially singed but much of the text is still legible.

  Lost notepad

State of preservation
The first side of the manuscript is handwritten and easily readable, the second is obscured by a kind of enchantment.
Visible content
Some notes report how experimenting with special abilities in front of the firebox tend to change the color of the flame. The author of the text has established that the use of n ability, as many as there are player characters, will reveal what is hidden in the back of the message.
Hidden message
A dangerous gang found a virtually infinite power source nearby. The nature of the discovery is not completely clear, but the author begs anyone who is reading to do what he has not been able to: stop the bandits before it is too late. The game master can introduce the gang as a new antagonist group, or can replace it with the most recent rival of the player characters.

Logical map

Characters can move from one zone to one that is adjacent by spending one turn. Movement within an area, for example to get away from an obstacle or an opponent, costs an action. Possible interactions are shown in brackets.

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