The fire rift

A paramilitary plane crashed into this area, dumping its precious cargo at the mercy of fortune seekers. A strange portal opened right in the impact area.

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 Playing a micro-adventure
A micro adventure is fast paced content that helps the game master enrich larger adventures with interesting places, hidden treasures or additional situations. The micro adventure can be played and improvised as it is or it can be refined in advance depending on the style of the game master.
A paramilitary plane crashed into this area, dumping its precious cargo at the mercy of fortune seekers. A strange portal opened right in the impact area, signaling a radio anomaly within miles.
Adventure aspects: fallen plane, portal of flames, possessed lost agents.
Contents: 2 situazioni, 2 antagonisti, 1 tesoro, 1 trappola, 1 complicazione.
Tone: modern fantasy, infiltration.


Passage: perforated wall

Location aspects: intense smell of burnt plastic, various abandoned utensils.
  • This wall was forcibly punctured by some sort of explosive. From the hole comes down a strange blue powder and on the ground there are various broken utensils, similar to pickaxes and hammers. An intense smell of burnt plastic pervades the surrounding area. 
Situation: the opening in the wall is big enough for a human to pass through. In the immediate vicinity you can find alchemical residues produced by detonation. This step can be used to link this adventure to the game master setting.
Treasure: a careful study reveals that alchemical residues have the property of absorbing fire. The characters who discover this information each get a shard of lava stone. It will help later.

Transfer room

Location aspects: fiery rune on pedestal, wreck of broken plane, unstable fiery portal.
  • A flaming rune stands pulsating in the center of a large cavernous space, while on a raised platform smoke and flames form an oval to about a meter high. A man is staring at the scene perched on the tip of the fallen plane, whose cabin encumbers half of the room starting from the wall to the east.
Situation: The man is Hal Denim, the last survivor of his expedition. When the characters arrive here they can negotiate, sabotage his plans, or attack directly. If Hal does not detect hostility, he will offer the characters whatever loot they can recover from the hold of the plane, in exchange for the closed box in the cockpit. The cassette contains a very valuable experimental technology. The portal hides a trap, which is why Hal is keeping a safe distance.
Trap: the fire portal. Around the platform is a burning rune, as well as several piles of ash and singed clothes. A creature of pure fire comes out of the portal to consume intruders. The shards of lava stone can stun the creature, while the complete lava stone (see treasure) is able both to banish it forever and stabilize the portal.
Treasure: inside the cabin of the plane it is possible to recover various supplies, the Hal cassette and the complete lava stone. In the hold you can place an additional item dear to the characters.
Complication: the portal becomes unstable and periodically erupts lava spheres in the area. Anyone who remains in the vicinity must pass a test or suffer light damage. 
  Hal Denim
Hal can be a new acquaintance and can be an opportunity to get in touch with the organization in which he is active: a gang of paramilitary smugglers. Alternatively it can be replaced with an antagonist that is already known to the player characters.
Rather confident at first, he tends to underestimate his opponents as long as he is in an elevated position.
Do not hesitate to release a slavina of shots on the player characters with his machine gun. After one attack he must spend time to reload.

  Creature of pure fire

This creature is from another plane of reality. It may have vaguely humanoid forms, but the unstable portal makes it dangerous for everyone around.
Attack anyone in the area, unless the lava stone is nearby.
It uses a ranged attack with fire, similar to a flamethrower. After that it charges at melee range to finish its opponents. If it is defeated, it appears again after a few minutes.

Logical map

Characters can move from one zone to one that is adjacent by spending one turn. Movement within an area, for example to get away from an obstacle or an opponent, costs an action. Possible interactions are shown in brackets.

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