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Short campaign
The fortress of the three moons

"A huge celestial object hit South America, decimating the population and disabling any radio interface. It will be known in history as the First Contact: the creation of the first magic bubble. In this adventure the characters will be able to explore the fortress fallen from the sky, where they will meet the abyssal forces of Dama Electra, the cutthroats of the Cusps and the heavenly fairy Xarieth." The Fortress of the tree moons will integrate perfectly with Diventi: First Contact's mechanics, but all its parts will adapt to any other system, with fantasy or sci-fi bases, with minimum effort.

Notes from the authors: The development of First Contact has begun

The first stage of playtest is over, here's what we have in store for the near future.

Welcome to First Contact!

Hi everyone! We are online and this is why we can't wait to show you Diventi.