Short story: The Seawolf hunt

What happens when a missile-laden missile is launched underwater? It implodes and it sucks everything like a small black hole. But this was not yet known.

The SSN Seawolf fled with its precious cargo hidden in the hold. It was a cruise ship with no swimming pool and cannons, renamed by incognito nerds military "The Star Destroyer of the Seven Seas". However, even a Star Destroyer can be destroyed by shooting in the right spot. And Tiara Cobalto knew where to shoot.

Tiara's cusps had been intercepting the Seawolf for weeks: "You will sail when those globalist bastards move their ass with their water elephant, not before." Tiara's gaze and voice were as sharp and precise as a Japanese sword. "Besides, if by chance I don't come back, you will leave anyway. If any of you were to prevaricate, well, you know what would happen. "

The small submarine of the Cusps was sailing at extraordinary speeds. They too hid something important, powerful and misunderstood inside the hold: it was something born in the forest and stolen from the fortress. The Seawolf noticed the enemy too late, so much so that her crew did not even have time to strengthen the defenses. Will Taylor noticed it, albeit crammed in a small room with handcuffs on his wrists. He perceived that the stolen nucleus, that powerful creature that was now pouring into a catatonic state, continued to influence their minds without anyone noticing; Will also felt an excessive inner calm, the situation was about to get out of control. The loot hidden in the holds of both factions was continually influencing and modifying all computer systems, all MTMs, but it was happening in silence.

The cusps were on the prey. Tiara was panting: «Shoot a damned missile towards the stern and it will explode a few meters, exactly in the center of the two central thrusters. They will soon discover that we know their weaknesses. Don't miss it, crew. " The helmsman pressed the fire button but something did not seem to work, more than 5 seconds of silence passed when a sinister vibration crossed the hull. Finally the torpedo came out, as if overloaded with an unknown force, with such a propulsive charge that it made the small submarine's cruising trajectory deviate.

The weapon was traveling at twice the expected speed and exploded too early, not even the slightest near the Seawolf, but something unthinkable happened: the weapon lit up with an intense, almost blinding blue and finally it got smaller and smaller, becoming a small bright dot a few centimeters. And there he began to attract everything inside him, like a small black hole.

The huge Seawolf and the small submarine of the cusps lost all their propulsion, the hulls vibrated with a high-pitched sound that almost broke the gables of the sailors inside, it seemed that the metal was crumpling like an aluminum box inside a hydraulic press. Will looked at his cates again, then prayed, then everything went black.

It was then that she realized that something was illuminating the hold of a bright blue, a shiver hit her whole back and made her skin crawl; by now it was clear that his booty was reawakening and manifesting in all its sinister beauty: Yixir had awakened.

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[Photo Lyndsey Lewellen]

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