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Short story: The profet's son

Jayden went out of his way to appear confident and bossy. The convoy that accompanied him helped a little, but now that he was inside he understood that nothing had changed...

Short story: In the enemy's lair

«Impossible.» Alejandro thought «MTM are integral parts of us Celestial!»

Short story: Hidden civilizations

The great Seawolf and the small Cuspid chaser remained stalled for several minutes, without anyone being able to activate their engines to resume the march.

Short story: The Seawolf hunt

What happens when a missile-laden missile is launched underwater? It implodes and it sucks everything like a small black hole. But this was not yet known.

Short story: The Oracle

What could possibly happen to a newborn if it was exposed from birth to the stone of the gods? What everyone today calls hyperio?

Short story: Post-contact

Sweat burned his eyes. The muscles were at the limit. The walls were close, yet not so close.

Short story: Origins

“A stormy wind, a glare, an overwhelming shock wave.” That day the media were full of it.

Short story: Dawn of a new era

"1, 2, 3…..1, 2, 3. The restart procedure seemed to be blocked."