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Short campaign

Stories of a world where technology is no more, of ancient monuments resurfacing from the bowels of the earth and of mad men who fight for mere vanity.

Game system
Primo Contatto

The result of many evenings with friends, a structured but flexible style of play and a challenge to create outstanding adventures on the border between magic and technology.

Short campaign
Attack on Serenity

An adventure that puts at the forefront the threat of a new reality, in which magic re-emerges between people and technology remains in the background, dormant.

First post-release update of Primo Contatto

Christmas revision of our modern fantasy role-playing game. Includes new equipment and specific guidelines to help the game master distribute rewards.

Adventure preview: the fortress of the three moons

A short campaign of Primo Contatto, to discover the origins of the anti-tech bubble.

Adventure preview: Discoveries

A short campaign of Primo Contatto, a door to a New World filled by ancient magic about to awaken.

Primo Contatto: End of summer update 2022

More customization options for our characters and english translated content for our international community.

Primo Contatto: winter update 2021

Introducing a list of powers in adventure mode and new tactical maneuvers to enrich combat.

Behind the scenes
Primo Contatto: our approach for a flexible game system

A mixture of two worlds: narrative style and mechanical play.

Notes from the authors: overview of Primo Contatto systems

Players characters, gameplay mechanics, story management systems and much more. Here are the results of this stage of development.

Welcome to Primo Contatto

Hi everyone! We are online and this is why we can't wait to show you Diventi.

Primo Contatto Launch Pack

The game system and short campaigns, a collection of compelling adventures set in the anti-tech bubble.